Welcome to my Sims wold!

Challenges and stories' navigation pages and general info are at the top-right menu of the blog. Some are active, but some I don't know if I'll continue in the future, but I'll try (when I get the chance) I imagined this blog to be a place where I'll somehow simulate my playing sessions to be… Continue reading Welcome to my Sims wold!

The France Legacy

Oh, My Dear San Myshuno

Her bookwormish soul needed peace and quiet, while also wanting to raise a family in a peaceful place, so I placed her on a small island in Windenburg. Let's introduce her: her name is Emily France. She is going to choose a tech guru career path. It suits her since she's a true geek. Her… Continue reading Oh, My Dear San Myshuno

The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Building Career and Family (and making money)

Not even a couple of hours passed when she jumped out of the bed with an idea for a whole book of poetry. She immediately started typing. That book became the one that provided her with the most money for a long time. Then she finally took a shower in her own bathroom, since she… Continue reading Building Career and Family (and making money)